Social Artist in Action

I’m working as a Social Artist by doing volunteering for many social agency’s locally and in the area of Acts of Kindness though artistry, photos, positive feedback in smiles, positive sayings on cards, handed out randomly to people, assisting anyone I run across that may need help in some form or fashion that I may be able to provide. I’m on the spiritual quest too, as many people I run across are as well. I have been working the Course in Miracles for the last couples of years, walking Labyrinths, meditating, crystals for healing and massage therapy. I haven’t seen change in the political arena like I had hoped when I tried. So I now belong to a couple of difference Peace organizations and have found them to be more effective. They are trying to bring about change in the world through small changes in schools, acts of kindness, anti-bullying campaigns, along with the Youth PROMISE Act (H.R.1318) in Congress. Youth Prison Reduction through Opportunities, Mentoring, Intervention, Support, and Education Act to change how they handle children of the have a tendency to be pulled into gangs. Additional funding for early education and more options than the current Juvenile justice system. I believe that our future is in these children and we have far too many of them land in jail at a very young age and no outlet to change that behavior.

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