How things are connected…..

It is amazing to me as I go along in life how everything seems to be connected in some way or another always. My reading habits, my actions, my listening skills, the things I come across every day they all seem to be Karma-icky connected. I know that is not a word but it fits for my thoughts on things. I know Satya Nadella said the word Karma and that women should just trust that the raises will come to them as thier Karma will attract it. And now karma has a bad taste to many people. But things do happen that way in many arenas. I’ve been reading The Kindness of Strangers by Mike McIntyre that the Compassion Games suggested and enjoyed it very much. It shows me that there are people out there that do things like I have been doing in helping a stranger out by giving them a meal, ride or bus fare. These are true acts of kindness when they are not even asked for. And boy does it make you feel good about yourself. Is it worth it? Yes it is! Is it scary? Sure it can be, but if you are careful and street smart it is not a real challenge. I do still feel that Karma has a way of putting in front of me what I need to go forward. And if it means taking a step out of my comfort zone once in a while well I guess I will do so. I have lived my life from a place of being frightened constantly and sometimes over nothing to someone else and I have also lived my life free-spirited and happy. Today, I’m choosing to live it with a bit more carefree. It makes me feel better and alive. Is it scary? Yes, it is. But I’m doing it anyway. So today after another of those nuggets of reassurance dropped in my lap. By a friend of mine pointing me to a young couple that are going to all 50 states and doing acts of Kindness instead of spending the money on a big wedding and honeymoon. It gives me hope for the future of generations. Kindness will live on. This courageous couple, Ismini and Mark Svensson have started a Non-Profit called StayUnited ( They are on a trip across the United States to preform acts of kindness in every state. What a wonderful way to start a life together and give their daughter a chance of a lifetime of experiences. So if you get a chance check out there site and then see if you can’t just start yourself by doing on kind act of kindness today for yourself.

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