Books and Things that I’m Doing that lead me to new thinking

Books that I have been reading for INSPIRATION

Ready, Aim, Soar! – One of the Authors of this book is Marcia Weider who I met at a conference in California years ago.  The book offers a wealth of knowledge from experts who want to share their secrets with you. Feel inspired as they impart pearls of wisdom that they wish they knew when they began their own journeys. These one-of-a-kind interviews will dive deep into the personal and career successes of several professionals considered authorities in their field. They will share what motivated them to make the change that altered their paths in life and ultimately lead to their success. Their honest revelations of the bumps in the road along their way will remind you that they started out right where you are sitting. This treasure of information will give you the tools and the motivation you need to achieve the success you have been striving for in your business and personal life, as well as to remind you that everyone has something to give the world; it is your responsibility to step out of your comfort zone and share it! If ever there was a time that people needed to be inspired to soar, it is now!

Confidence Revolution 2014 Nov 24-Dec 5 this is being put on by Mary Morrissey

Here is how the Confidence Revolution Tele summit will help YOU immediately:

  • Get over being afraid of speaking up in meetings or presentations
  • Deal with men who interrupt you in male-dominated environments
  • Be less critical and create a life you love
  • Negotiate and ask for what you want (and feel deserving of getting it)
  • Use healthy habits to improve confident mood
  • Take a risk without being stopped by what others will think
  • Let go of ‘guilt’ and ‘not enough’ to be happy
  • End the time wasted pleasing others and enjoy success
  • Fearlessly take your business to the next chapter
  • Free yourself from comparing yourself or being intimidated by others
  • Be confident to make transitions at any age
  • Get unblocked to earn your dream income

CODES OF CO-CREATION A Message from Marj Britt: 

Beloved Ones, when ‘Love / Spirit / the All That Is‘ comes, sometimes it shifts our plans!

It has happened in a de-Light-ful way

‘In the Beginning’ of Codes of Co-Creation!

An expanded ‘Purpose’ statement simply ‘came in’ with the Awareness that I was to leave the first two calls of Codes of Co-Creation FREE OR ON A LOVE OFFERING BASIS for the large Called by Love / Living, Loving, Legacy mailing list.

That had not been ‘my original intention!’  I followed with a Yes.

Have you ever had Spirit change your original intention???

And then…it told me WHY

The Purpose of the Codes of Co-Creation is Serving each soul Called By Love.

First it is individually, and then beyond that through these Beloved Souls, igniting the Power of Love in the world.

It is about coming together to Co-Create a model that can sustain Passion and Vision.

It is to give your Gifts, ignite and support your Purpose and ultimately to change the world.

And it is about being in a Beloved Community …. that understands this Purpose and what you are doing!

So, if you have not yet registered, and you are wondering WHY you are receiving this email…now you know!

Spirit Knows you are one of those Beloved Souls!

I am so filled with Joy as I look forward to our first call for Codes of Co-Creation…

For me, these Codes truly have been the Key to Everything.

What I know is that there is probably no one on this planet that has not wondered at some moment in time “Why?” or “What is it all about?”

Life simply has its complexities.

They often lead us to deep questions.

We want to be able to see clearly.

We want to have Light…

We pray for it in the dark times.

We recognize it in the good times…

It is even reflected in music we love, for me, like “You Light Up My Life“.

Interestingly, what few people notice in the Ancient Scripture that uses these words, is that something comes before the Invocation for Light.

It is the Void, Darkness.

It is seldom thought of as That which precedes creation or manifestation.

Part of our Search for Meaning will begin with this Sacred Polarity of Dark and Light in our lives.

It is something that some a-Void

Deep Awareness will often come from Beyond the rational mind.  You will be invited to open into exploring your spiritual autobiography.

You may experience new Clarity as we look through the lenses of the Dazzling Darkness.

You may ‘re-member’ in ways you may never have imagined.

One of the most incredible revelations of my life has been seeing how time and Timelessness have interfaced and interwoven.

You will be given new keys to recognize your own soul codes in time sequences of past, present and future.

You will get glimpses, if you are willing, of your own cosmic and human love story and how they are interwoven.

We will experience together how the energy of the “sacred womb” of the setting, of the gathering and the group is given to you by Grace.  This Grace can support you in knowing and experiencing your birthing into that which is to be your Realized Destiny.

Interestingly, we can also experience together how “Unexpected Surprises” in our lives can bring new levels of birthing, ‘ready or not!’

New content and new Context is happening.

You will see it as you experience it, and you will recognize the difference.

We are entering an amazing journey together that will take us into New Worlds, new paradigms, if we are willing.  I am in Awe with the Awareness of what we will be sharing together.

With Deep Love and Gratitude,


I met Marj Britt at the Sedona World Wisdom Days and was impressed by her graciousness and kind loving spirit that came out totally in Love for everyone.

I met Jean a year ago and had a very long talk with her and what my path was and where I was going and she has lead me on a new idea of thinking and shown me a path of Wisdom and learning.

W H A T   I S   S O C I A L   A R T I S T R Y? – Definition by Jean Houston

Social Artistry is the art of enhancing human capacities in the light of social complexity. It seeks to bring new ways of thinking, being and doing to social challenges in the world.  Drawing upon its successes in training leaders in many countries and organizations throughout the world, social artistry brings state of the art discoveries in human capacity building to social transformation. Thus, it seeks to build a planetary society based on the principles of democracy, sustainable development, human-based needs and values, universal human rights, environmental protection, social justice, equality and the sovereignty and dignity of all peoples worldwide.  Social Artists are leaders in many fields who bring the same order of passion and skill that an artist brings to his or her art form and to the canvas of our social reality. It is within the deeep work of Social Artistry that we can access the inner capacities to align ourselves with the earth’s higher purpose. Ultimately, it is about all of us together co-creating the human and social changes needed to make a better world. The core of this program is the 10 day summer leadership institute.

THE LEADERSHIP DILEMMA Thirty years of work throughout the world with leaders in the fields of industry and government, education and health has convinced me that too many of the problems in societies today stem from leadership that is ill prepared to deal with present complexity. This is not just a matter of inadequate training in the realities of global change, but even more tragically, a lack of human resourcefulness, leaders living out of a field of awareness that limits their abilities to deal with their world. Too many leaders have been educated for a different time, a different world. Few are prepared for the task of dealing with the complexity and chaos of today when the usual formulas and stopgap solutions of an earlier era will not help. What is worse is the frequency with which leaders avoid working co-creatively with their constituents, thus continuing models of dependency and social apathy. Worldwide, societies are crying for assistance in the transformation of their citizens, organizations, and institutions. New ways of looking at leadership are required, as well as new methods of developing human beings eager to serve humanity. In my work, under the auspices with the United Nations and other International Agencies, I have worked in many countries bringing the principles of Social Artistry to the training of leadership so as to effect whole system shift.

The NEED FOR SOCIAL ARTISTS We must begin to help people, citizens and leaders alike, to bring new mind to bear upon social change. In this way it is hoped that we can rise to the challenge of our times and ferry ourselves across the dangerous abyss that separates a dying era from a ‘borning’ one. The work of Social Artistry is evolving and open-ended, striving to provide a dynamic balance between inner understanding and outward expression. The Social Artist is one who brings the focus, perspective, skill training, tireless dedication and fresh vision of the artist to the social arena. Thus the Social Artist’s medium is the human community. She or he seeks innovative solutions to troubling conditions, is a lifelong learner ever hungry for insights, skills, imaginative ideas and deeper understanding of present-day issues. A NEW

PROFESSION Social Artistry is a new profession whose craft could be said to be that of conscious evolution. We are living in the time of a choice point for an acceleration of the evolutionary or devolutionary process. As either the neurons or the cancer of the planet, we are now conscious of the tremendous responsibility that is ours: the capacity to direct enhancement or the destruction of ourselves, the earth, and all its creatures and forms. This new profession addresses the training of people who agree to this challenge and who have the maturity, initiative and vision as well as a passion for making a difference in the whole domain of human affairs. It requires considerable courage for what is being formed is possibly a movement as profound as it is outreaching in its implications for proactive social evolution.

The Wizard of Us by Houston, Jean (2012-11-20).

Remember that you have support along the way. You need never feel alone in this soul work. Take the time to make connections that fill you and motivate you. So much can be accomplished through the establishment of teaching and learning communities. These action centers can become powerful pods for creation, instrumental in launching innovative transformations in health, education, the environment, social justice, creativity, partnership, and other issues. Gather with a team of others and let your imaginations go. Solve problems beyond cultural conditioning. Create something that has never existed before. Stretch beyond the boundaries of the familiar into uncharted territory. Hold a clear vision of what you want. This is how you can make a real difference. Like Dorothy, you can flow with the winds of change rather than be buffeted by them. Loaded with spunk and ability, you can step out of your front door and onto the Yellow Brick Road of your own Grand Adventure where all things are possible. Your awakening is a gift to this world that needs you now more than ever. What will you do with your marvelous brains, heart, and courage? You are the Wizard, the Creator, and the Orchestrator. You are the hero of your own mythic journey.

Care to join us? Visit for more information on how you can be a part of creating a new Renaissance, a joyous and brilliant society, and a sustainable Earth.

2014 Three-Month Mentoring Programs – from Jean Houston

3 Month Mentoring Programs Event Details  For more information please see our newly updated FAQ tab

For those who feel that they need more personal training with Dr. Houston, we now offer small group mentoring.  This program begins with a five-day course of study on either the East or West Coast. While each Mentoring Session has a specific theme, the questions and focus of each individual is addressed and specific paths emerge for each mentee. For the next three-months, the students come together for an hour each month via a teleconference call to check in on their progress. During this call, mentees celebrate the integration of the training into their lives or receive additional coaching on accomplishing their visions.

Meaningful personal relationships often form during these programs with the other students that often last a lifetime.  The concentrated time with Dr. Houston provides the perfect opportunity for camaraderie and the generous exchange of ideas and explorations.

These Mentoring Programs are often referred to as “Salons”, patterned after the inspiring gatherings of the French literary and philosophical movements of the 17th and 18th centuries where small groups gathered to learn and share knowledge with a stimulating host. Our modern Salons now serve to advance the wisdom and understanding of dedicated individuals who are committed to deepening his or her consciousness and contribution to the world.

Be prepared to dance, sing, write, act and embody your discoveries so that they become a part of your essence. 

Everyone leaves with a deeper understanding of what is possible with his or her life, and commits to live it. The monthly mentoring phone calls reinforce the passion that was conceived on the mountain top and nurtures the expansion you have always dreamed of.

The Unexplored World of Relationships:

Extraordinary Healing and Possibilities

December 4-8, Ashland, OR

As 2014 draws to a close, this is the time for reflection and realignment on values and outcomes of the year. Ashland, Oregon is the ideal oasis for reflection on what is working and what is not, and for giving yourself the gift of transformation and celebration during our time together, students are invited to explore the rich core of their interactions with life as seen through the eyes of relationships.

The basic oneness of the universe is not only the central characteristic of the mystical experience, but is also one of the most important revelations of modern physics. The metaphysical cosmologies of ancient Hindu and Buddhist epistemology and spirituality and practices of the shamanic forms of these are remarkably similar to findings of the frontiers of quantum physics. By referring back to both ancient texts as well as shamanic practices Jean Houston will show how in each, consciousness is central to the nature of reality and how it impacts every relationship we have. In fact, study of Eastern, Western and indigenous philosophies and world views provides keys and practices that deliver us not only from our chronic woes, but also bring us to our higher purpose as a member of the universe in evolution.

Then too, the emerging understanding of reality wrought by the rise of quantum theory, and the accumulation of evidence regarding the active role of consciousness in the world and cosmos, not only brings about a basic paradigm shift, but gives us a basis for a whole new story. This story is at once very ancient and ever new. Past and emerging mythic structures also point to the quantum roots inherent in the very nature of myth, as Jean will illustrate.

You’ll have the opportunity to select key relationships that you are involved with, either to humans or to the world around you and based on the teachings, develop a life-changing, new perception and series of interactions.

Given these new skills, you will be introduced to the power and the passion of your higher story and deeper purpose.  You’ll also learn the means to achieve your “story” and sustain your compelling narrative.

By the end of our time together, and the months of mentoring that follow through monthly teleconference calls, you may well experience a gigantic shift in your relationship to the very nature of reality and, with it, capacities and possibilities that change your experience of life.

This Salon, as we call our time together, will include ceremony, feasting and preparation for a magnificent New Year.  

Locations: Ashland, OR

Ashland Oregon

Ashland Oregon

These Mentoring Programs are located at Jean Houston’s home in the mountains just outside Ashland Oregon. Travel information is located on the travel tab above. Because of the altitude, the temperature may be just a bit lower, so please check the weather prior to arriving.


Embracing the work of re-patterning human nature, the Social Artist learns…

  • To think like a planetary citizen,
  • To appreciate cultures and cultural stories and myths, while searching for the emergence of a new myth,
  • To offer new models and paradigms of organization,
  • To exhibit the joy of being a lifelong learner,
  • To bring laughter and delight to learning and change,
  • To serve as a healer of people and societies, and
  • To balance her/his life so that contemplation and meditation informs each action.

In order to achieve such worthy goals, a new paradigm of sustainable human development is required. It should be one that supports human development in its most primary form: the development of capacities, skills and potentials that activate both individuals and groups in ways that enhance their societal choices and commitments, liberate their inventiveness and raise levels of esteem and cooperation essential to carrying out the goals.

The Social Artist helps remove the obstacles that prevent people from being all they can be, thereby enabling them to realize their potential. The world-server as Social Artist is a listener and listens to the ideas, needs, aspirations and wishes of others and then helps them achieve it. To this end, participants of the present Social Artistry program, are invited to create and fulfil a specific project, one that will focus their human development while enabling social change.

Make the Shift With Jean Houston

Jean Houston

Perhaps no single person has more experience helping individuals live their unique PURPOSE NOW in life—no matter how “hopeless” they may think their situation is—than Dr. Jean Houston.

For over 50 years, Jean has been working full time to discover the underlying codes of how to live a truly remarkable life.

Through her unique and intuitive 7-part system, she awakens and activates dimensions of people they may not have ever known existed.

Her process is simple, with three main steps:

  • Activating our multiple intelligences and unique gifts
  • Opening ourselves to our important role in the world
  • Aligning our local “self” with our unique destiny code

People who study with Jean and put her process into action have achieved remarkable results. In fact, her 7-part system is designed to give anyone—beginners and experts alike—a step-by-step process that will help you . . .

  • Increase your creativity—both to create more and to create at a higher level
  • Discover deep sources of emotional healing, and even physical healing
  • Access multiple forms of intelligence and knowing, helping you experience life with greater richness and dimensionality
  • Hold a perspective that fills you with empathy, patience, and wisdom—no matter how challenging the situation
  • Tap into sources of ancient wisdom that help you navigate life today
  • Discover methods to see the sacred in each moment
  • And much, much more . . .

Her close relationships read like a who’s who of people who have shaped today’s world. She’s known and worked closely with Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, Buckminster Fuller, Margaret Mead, Joseph Campbell, Eleanor Roosevelt, President Bill Clinton and Hilary Clinton, and the list goes on and on.

A New Training for a New Era

As you can see, working with Jean truly is a unique and valuable opportunity for anyone who wants to live a life of PURPOSE NOW. Indeed, training with her could very well be exactly what so many of us today desperately need in order to make the momentous leap we’ve intuited that our culture needs to make.You’ll engage directly with Jean and discover how to activate your full capacities to finally live your higher calling.During your time together, Jean will guide you through exercises and experiences that will result in your being able to live your life “on purpose” from then on.

I also met Betsy Chasse at the Sedona World Wisdom Days and her take on life seemed so much more real to me than how others have. It was earth shaking TRUTHS.

TIPPING SACRED COWS The Uplifting Story of Spilt Milk and Finding Your Own Spiritual Path in a Hectic World – Chasse, Betsy (2014-01-21).

How to Get Coldcocked by an Epiphany (or Waking Up Can Suck or Not Suck Depending on How You Handle Your Shit)

Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try! —Dr. Seuss, Oh The Things You Can Think!

There was a time when my life was easy, or so I thought. I was happily living in my shoe-consciousness— where I was all about the shoes I was wearing, the car I was driving , and the boyfriend I was dating (and his car and his shoes)— and avoiding like the plague any existential quest that might lead me into the deep, dark bowels of my soul. Such a quest would involve passing through some shit and, well, hanging out in my soul-bowels seemed less than appealing. And I suppose that’s the story of most twentysomethings , but as my thirties approached, the clock started ticking, and the search for the meaning of anything and everything kicked into gear. Miraculously, I was handed the golden egg, the holy grail of spiritual understanding on a silver platter, or rather on the silver screen, in the form of What the Bleep Do We Know!?, the movie I co-created with Will Arntz and Mark Vicente. Chock-full of spiritual know-how gathered from magical movie making, I knew it all and owned some great shoes. Enlightenment? Check! I quickly followed up on my spiritual mastery and manifested the perfect husband, beautiful children, and a gorgeous home. Finally, everything clicked. My inner and outer selves were accessorized, matched, and decked out in deep-ish thoughts and somewhat-understandings. It was a perfect balance of beliefs that allowed me to coast along, riding high on my newfound enlightenment. So there I was. I had my “spirituality” all laid out for me, picked up from the latest and greatest minds I’d conned my way into meeting. My beliefs lazed like cows standing in a pasture of protection, all blinged out, while I worked really hard to keep them all sparkly, running from cow to cow in my awesome new boots. And let me tell you, I frolicked the hell out of that pasture, leaping through the air, twirling, and all the other stuff you do when you frolic. I frolicked right up until I slipped on something smelly and fell, and really, what was I expecting? I was in a freaking cow pasture, for God’s sake. Splat, squish, my boots! I actually heard cartoon sounds when I landed. Okay, I didn’t, but I should have, it was that kind of absurd. I lay there, all sprawled out, seeing my pasture and my cows from a hoof-level perspective. I saw the ground on which was built my understanding of the world and who I was in my little part of time and space. In that moment, I came to one profound realization: my pasture of perfection was full of shit, and it reeked. It was a wake-you-up kind of smell. My life imploded, and it stank. Cue life-altering epiphany, ready or not (most likely not, because who’s really ready to completely throw out everything you thought you knew and start from scratch?).

I Love Carlos Santana and had the opportunity to meet him and visit his home and listen to him play for a few hours and was truly amazed by this kind, gentle, man that seemed to have it all. I went to his concert this last Summer and it was wonderful. He had his son on stage playing first and then later played with him. And his son is a very accomplished musician as well. When I met him he was less than ten years old. So when I had heard that Carlos and his first wife had split it pained me because they seemed like so much of a perfect couple. So I had to read Deborah Santana biography to maybe find out why they had split. I did not find out from the book but I did find out a lot on Carlos and Deborah life. And that Carlos has gone on and remarried and is happy and fulfilled as before. Then I found out what she has done with her life and she is doing wonderful things in her Do a Little charity.

Space between the Stars – Deborah Santana & the Do a Little

Do A Little Supports women in the areas of health, education & happiness.

Do A Little believes that women are leaders, powerful and strong. We support each woman’s story and potential to live creative and free.

We believe each of us is equal and no fame, fortune, beauty or acclaim makes one person more important or significant than another.

Do A Little believes that women own their futures; that who we are on the inside is beauty and power. We believe that all women have the inner power to transform life from a dream into a reality of purpose and success.

As each woman stands in her newly awakened life, we ask that she turns back to mentor, sponsor, or pull another woman forward in partnership for success.

Please note that Do A Little does not accept unsolicited funding requests or proposals.

Transform your life from a dream into a reality of purpose & success.

~ Deborah Santana    Founder – Do A Little

So it is from all of this that I am encouraged to go forward with my life in passing on Love, Peace and Happiness to make this a better place for everyone to live. And feel that I am on the path to making a better world through my Compassionate Giving. Passing my art of writings and messages on card out to people and taking pictures and publishing them of Musicians that are making the world go around because life does not go on without music, it engages your entire brain when you listen to music. Sharing my Photographs of the dogs in the park, have you ever seen an unhappy dog in a park? What a better way to pass on Love, Peace and Happiness can I follow.


Web Scams


Well, today I’m pissed off.  Why you ask, well I was looking at my Facebook account and friends sent me a story that I might be interested in looking at and I went to look at it and it immediately said I needed a new version of Adobe Flash.  Not a too surprising message because Adobe does come out with new versions of their software often and I don’t use it much so it seemed reasonable that I would need a newer version.  It started to downloaded and then asked me to click okay to additional software that I might like to load as well. Like a Program to clean my computer, or one to run my computer faster all legitimate types of programs.  I just clicked, I decline on the boxes because this computer I was working on has limited amount of space and I don’t want any type of additional software. I only have the bare bones software required on it. Then to my surprise when I clicked the Home Button on my Internet Browser it took me to a new home page with a new Web Browser.  Now many people that use the computer this does not mean a thing. But if you have a reasonable amount of computer expertise you would have recognized that it had changed out your Web Browser with a new one and installed a program called a Botnet, Botcrawler, adware, malware, or Hijacker program in the background. If you are particular to the Web Browser that you want to use and this happens, it becomes irritating and you know how to fix it by removing it and reestablishing your preferred browser.  It is a hassle, but you do it. For users that don’t really understand what is happening, let me give you an idea of what is happening. When you clicked on a picture news story, video that someone has suggested you may be interested in this is what goes on. It installs this new browser and in the background it installs one of these botnets, crawlers or any number of things that can screw up your computer and make it slow.  While it distracts you with asking to load these additional programs and then finally come to the program it said you needed to upgrade to view the video that you wanted to see. What you have done unknowingly in installed what is called a Browser helper program. Now this sounds like a good thing but let me tell you it is not.  What it is doing is it is now scouring your hard drive for Personal Information that it may be able to find. Things such as Passwords, User IDs, IP addresses, business that you have bill paying with, credit card numbers, phone numbers, any type of information to get access to your computer from another computer.  Now it may even go to the extent that it will even scare you by popping up a message like the one below:

Scam Message

Now this may seem legit and you can go “Oh my goodness I better call this and get this fixed with my carrier right away.”  Well it could have any type of carrier name there, ComCast, Dish, Direct, Century, HughesNet, but the phone number will not be to that company. It will be to a scam company that is trying like hell to get as much information from you as they can. They will tell you they are from Microsoft, or another reputable company but they are not. So what do you do? First quit calling me when you do this to come fix your computer!  You can call Geek Squad or some other place to fix it for you and pay a lot of money. Or you can do a few things to help yourself first. Like don’t Panic, for one. Next make sure that you have your firewalls, virus scanning software, Malware software in place in the network security on your computer.  Most computers when you purchase them install these right away and set them up for you.  If not check in the control panel and look for Windows Firewall, Windows Defender, Microsoft Security Essentials, Freefall Defender and last check you Programs and Features to see that you have Malwarebytes Anti-exploit and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware installed. These are just standard over the internet type of applications. There are many more from Norton, Kaspersky and others that provide software for this as well. But At least Malwarebytes you can download from for free. Install Malwarebytes Anti-malware and run this program often. Any time you may suspect that you have downloaded something without realizing it or if your computer is running slowly. Now especially run this program if you have received a pop up message like the one shown above. When you call this number, (if you bother to) they will tell you lies from the get go. Do not believe anything they say. They will tell you they are from Microsoft, they are not. Microsoft will not ever call you out of the blue for any reason.  If by chance you get an unsolicited call from a company and they tell you they are from Microsoft and they want you to install a program, Do Not Do it. Microsoft will never call you. Probably even if you want them to call you, they will never call you and ask you to install software or check your settings. Nothing. These are scams. Now, I know this is long and may be hard for some people to do or follow but my intention in writing this is so that maybe you be will be a little bit wiser and a little bit smarter than theses thieves. They are ripping off a lot of people that cannot afford it. Don’t fall into their traps. I know that many of you have seen this type of messages elsewhere but it doesn’t seem to be sinking in because millions of dollars are going to these different scams from people that cannot afford to lose this money, time or hassle.

How things are connected…..

It is amazing to me as I go along in life how everything seems to be connected in some way or another always. My reading habits, my actions, my listening skills, the things I come across every day they all seem to be Karma-icky connected. I know that is not a word but it fits for my thoughts on things. I know Satya Nadella said the word Karma and that women should just trust that the raises will come to them as thier Karma will attract it. And now karma has a bad taste to many people. But things do happen that way in many arenas. I’ve been reading The Kindness of Strangers by Mike McIntyre that the Compassion Games suggested and enjoyed it very much. It shows me that there are people out there that do things like I have been doing in helping a stranger out by giving them a meal, ride or bus fare. These are true acts of kindness when they are not even asked for. And boy does it make you feel good about yourself. Is it worth it? Yes it is! Is it scary? Sure it can be, but if you are careful and street smart it is not a real challenge. I do still feel that Karma has a way of putting in front of me what I need to go forward. And if it means taking a step out of my comfort zone once in a while well I guess I will do so. I have lived my life from a place of being frightened constantly and sometimes over nothing to someone else and I have also lived my life free-spirited and happy. Today, I’m choosing to live it with a bit more carefree. It makes me feel better and alive. Is it scary? Yes, it is. But I’m doing it anyway. So today after another of those nuggets of reassurance dropped in my lap. By a friend of mine pointing me to a young couple that are going to all 50 states and doing acts of Kindness instead of spending the money on a big wedding and honeymoon. It gives me hope for the future of generations. Kindness will live on. This courageous couple, Ismini and Mark Svensson have started a Non-Profit called StayUnited ( They are on a trip across the United States to preform acts of kindness in every state. What a wonderful way to start a life together and give their daughter a chance of a lifetime of experiences. So if you get a chance check out there site and then see if you can’t just start yourself by doing on kind act of kindness today for yourself.

Social Artist in Action

I’m working as a Social Artist by doing volunteering for many social agency’s locally and in the area of Acts of Kindness though artistry, photos, positive feedback in smiles, positive sayings on cards, handed out randomly to people, assisting anyone I run across that may need help in some form or fashion that I may be able to provide. I’m on the spiritual quest too, as many people I run across are as well. I have been working the Course in Miracles for the last couples of years, walking Labyrinths, meditating, crystals for healing and massage therapy. I haven’t seen change in the political arena like I had hoped when I tried. So I now belong to a couple of difference Peace organizations and have found them to be more effective. They are trying to bring about change in the world through small changes in schools, acts of kindness, anti-bullying campaigns, along with the Youth PROMISE Act (H.R.1318) in Congress. Youth Prison Reduction through Opportunities, Mentoring, Intervention, Support, and Education Act to change how they handle children of the have a tendency to be pulled into gangs. Additional funding for early education and more options than the current Juvenile justice system. I believe that our future is in these children and we have far too many of them land in jail at a very young age and no outlet to change that behavior.